Limb Driven Cord Mount – Mathews & Mission Bows

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Cord Mount for a Limb-Driven Rest

An easy way to  attach the cord of a limb-driven rest to a Mathews or Mission limb. This mount provides a smooth, flanged hole large enough to pass the cord through twice for security, making it quick and simple to tie and re-tie the cord. Low profile and made from one, solid piece of aluminum. Mounting screws are recessed to be flush with the mount.

Attaches directly to the limb in minutes. Remove your limb plate and attach our mount directly to your limb with your existing screws.

Comes in Black, White, Red, Polished Aluminum.

Thanks to my daughter Alexis for this idea and help with the R&D

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


Black, Red, White, Polished

1 review for Limb Driven Cord Mount – Mathews & Mission Bows

  1. Eric Imamura

    The Mathews limb driven mount is awesome, and makes for easy timing and mounting of timing cord. the delivery and installation was fast and without issues.

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