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Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD is a part of USA Archery designed to encourage youth to participate in archery. JOAD offers the opportunity to train for competition and to meet other archers in the region and nation. The focus of our program is to improve fundamental skills, learn advanced techniques, and to perfect an individual and consistent shooting style. The program is ongoing throughout the year and new archers can join at any time. JOAD offers opportunity for recurve, compound and barebow shooters the ability to learn a range saftey and correct shooting techniques in safe environment. As part of JOAD archers strive to reach achievements and earn pins for goals reached.

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Thunderstruck Archery JOAD

Thunderstruck Archery JOAD has worked with USA Archery and its JOAD program along with other JOAD coaches around the U.S for many years. We have also worked with some of the largest archery manufacturers to help some archers on the team get individual sponsorships along with team sponsorships. He is a USA Archery Certified coach, S3DA Certified coach and is Certified in SafeSport. Matt Hall feels honored to have coach so many amazing young archers over the years.  

Thunderstruck JOAD is 100% self-funded and run by the parents. We have watched kids grow in many ways, develop friendships, and find success in their own way.  We are always excited to welcome new youth archers to join JOAD and their parents to join the Adult JOAD program to participate along with their child.  We feel that the parents and the archers’ input is very important in making a successful team.

Our JOAD program is for both a competitive archer and the recreational archer.  Our JOAD program includes recurve and compound archers and is designed to provide a fun atmosphere focused on skill development. mental focus and the correct shooting skills. All members of the JOAD program have opportunities to compete in local, state, and national archery competitions. Most of our team members have competed in National tournaments around the U.S and even a few International tournaments.

No experience is necessary to join the program.  All new archers must complete a one hour orientation session with the head JOAD coach to become familiar with range safety rules, the basic equipment and shooting instruction used in JOAD.  

At Thunderstruck JOAD we train our archers through individual lessons with a USA Archery coach, open practice time with teammates, and 1-on-1 training sessions with the coach. 

We practice 1-2 times a week.  These practices give young archers the opportunity to build friendships with other archers at their level as well as experience friendly competition on a regular basis.  JOAD Club members may remain in the Club up to the year of their 20th birthday.  We also have parents that participate in our Adult JOAD program as well.

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